1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself? I was born in The Canary Islands. I moved to London at the age of 19, attracted by its mu...

Moments of Life #2 – Tanausu Herrera, Independent Consultant in Health and Well-being

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1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in The Canary Islands. I moved to London at the age of 19, attracted by its multicultural society and creative scene. I studied photography, which led me to assist various fashion photographers around the world. These trips allowed me to meet people from all walks of life from poor villagers in rural India, rich businessmen in luxurious Dubai, to burnt out barmen in the Miami club scene. These encounters expanded my child-like curiosity in observing human behaviour and developed my desire to make a difference to people.

2. What's your passion in life?

I love photography that can reveal emotional embodiment of people beyond what's visible. This exploration of personal identities transcends age, social status and gender. It highlights the importance of embracing and sharing all that we truly are with the rest of the world. By doing so, we are able to serve the world in ways that we never knew were possible. (Instagram)

At the core within me, there is a driving force to help others to achieve their goals, to flourish and be happy. I have a business in health and well-being to help others in achieving their dreams and making healthier choices. If you look closer at the average person today, he is likely to be living a life he is not truly happy and excited about. After subtracting out the time for our daily tasks, almost all of us don't have more than one or two hours each day to do what we love to do. And if we had the time, would we have the money to do it? I discovered a simple way for people to learn how to own their life by building home-based businesses. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing people thrive and transform their lives.

3. What would you say was the most memorable and inspiring moment of your life? 

On 29th January 2012, I had a spiritual awakening that completely altered my entire existence. It was the single most profound and amazing experience I have ever had. Although it is hard to explain with words what happened, I really got connected with the nature of being through silent contemplation in a park behind where I lived, in south-east London.

I got a huge sense of expansion - there was no end to where I started and ended or what the world was. There was no separation, a moment of unity with everything, which gives me a massive shift in consciousness. 
 It lasted for about 3 minutes I think or maybe an hour. I lost sense of time. My mind was totally still and tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. There was incredible love all around. It was magical. It felt more real than anything I felt before. It felt like I was home. I was in a state of joy and bliss for over a month after that experience.

During this time, I ate very little. I was not hungry. I was just full of life and love. It's weird how nourished I felt without actually eating.  I remember looking at a chicken breast that I had in my fridge and my whole body rejected it. I looked at it and cried a lot. There it was, the flesh of a sentient being just like me that was born in this miracle called life, a fellow earthling that had every right to live a free life and ended up as food for me? It was in absolute disparity with the immense love and connection I just experienced. There and then, I turned Vegan. I moved to the countryside to be in contact with nature. A friend invited me to go to a big agricultural show in the countryside and for the first time ever, I could feel what the animals were going through - their resignation, boredom and exhaustion. That awakening at the beginning of 2012 was the most amazing moment in my life and at times when I get present to the beauty around me and the miracle of life, I get a rush of joy and wonder that electrify my whole body.

4. What's the toughest period you had when pursuing your passion? How did you overcome it? What did you learn from it? 

As an artist in London, the toughest period was when the money didn't come and I had to adapt to whatever the circumstances were and kept on going. I have been made homeless on a few occasions, lived with friends while unable to contribute to their costs, battled with addictions, anorexia and bulimia, survived being hungry.  

The trick is to never give up, to still persevere and be focused on exactly what is my passion, to not lose sparkle and become bitter or angry with the world. After all, the mere fact of being alive is a privilege and a miracle and that needs to be realised on a daily basis.  

I believe if you truly help others, you will always be in harmony with happiness. If you spend your life focused on yourself only, you may have set yourself for a miserable life. Living like that is living from a place of scarcity, not in alignment with abundance of love, joy and happiness.  

5. What's a personal breakthrough you had in a relationship, eg. with a family member or friend or other half? What did you discover about the relationship or yourself that was the turning point for the breakthrough to happen?

The biggest breakthrough may have been with my father. I didn't speak to him for over 15 years after a massive argument. After I did the Landmark forum, I got the courage to call him and thank him for all the things that he taught me as a child. He opened my eyes to always question everything in life and not accept the status quo. A few days later, he had a heart attack and died, which to me was a way that he was finally at peace and could let go. I was sad when I heard the news of his passing but deep in my heart, I heard him say, 'Thank you. I love you. As long as you keep me in your heart, I will always be alive in you.' At times, I cry remembering all the lovely people that I have lost in my life. I stay still and hold them in my heart in the space of love where I feel warmth surrounding me. I find that very healing and comforting.

6. What's next for you? 

I'm expanding my businesses, developing myself and creating art. I'm looking forward to meeting more people, to help them be in contact with their true self and discover what stops them to live a life they truly love. I want to continue supporting people in growing their business to have more time, more money and life skills.  

I want to encourage them to walk out of the door with confidence because they feel beautiful to live their best life.  After all, we only have this life to live. We must live it to our fullest potential in harmony by seizing opportunities and turning our can'ts into cans and our dreams into plans.  

If you want to find out more about Tanausu, you can check him out here: Arbonne Independent Consultant and his Instagram

Photo credits: First photo - Nick Elvery, Other photos - Tanausu Herrera 


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