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Hi there!

November 29, 2015 Navy Novel 1 Comments

Photo Credits: Nick Elvery

Hi there! Welcome to my blog.

I’m Jia, the author of Navy Novel. I grew up in Malaysia and I came to London in year 2009. I’m now working as an actuarial consultant in the financial industry.

I love travelling. I have been to more than 20 countries across North America, Europe and Asia. I love seeing the different scenic sights and experiencing the various cultures of the countries. I believe there’s so much to learn from each culture and each one gives me a new perspective to life. Fortunately enough, London housed a lot of nationalities and I get to speak to people who came from all over the world.

I also love food! I have a sweet tooth, so desserts are the best. ‘Nuff said.

I love coaching and empowering people. I started coaching in year 2014 and have coached people in various aspects of life, including career, finance, health, confidence, happiness, family and relationships.

Why this blog?

I have been into motivational / personal development / psychology books since I was 13. There’s just something about the human mind works that intrigues me. I remember reading ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens’ written by Sean Covey, who’s the son of Stephen Covey, author of the same book for adults. Even as of now, I have attended various types of talks and courses that looks into leadership, confidence, communication building relationships etc.

As the world evolves, we are becoming more intellectual individuals. Gone are the days where a degree certificate is our prized possessions. As we chase for the next qualification, the next big job, we succumb to the social norm of being a hamster on the wheel. We go to school / work, come home to our families and repeat the same routine day on day. As the day goes by, we wonder what are we living for? In fact, are we truly ‘living’? At the end of life, we wonder if we have ever lived for ourselves and not living based on what society think we should do.

This blog aims to spread joy and fulfillment for the world. By tapping into our potential and reconnect with what we truly want, we get to be break free from being a hamster on the wheel. Its in the pursuit of what we love, we fulfill on our life purpose that brings us joy. With joy, we give away and appreciate the love we receive from people around us. This blog intends to empower you in taking actions towards your true passion with ease, things that matter the most to you.

As they say, the journey of a thousand miles start with one small step. I’m glad we get to be part of the journey of self-discovery about life together.

What can you expect from this blog?

  • My views about life based on my self-awareness about myself, people and life
  • Interviews with people from various background who share their life experiences
  • Reviews of motivational books / videos / courses that I could recommend to you, which saves you time in finding the one that is most suitable for you. I’ll also summarise the key messages I got from them.

I may also share snippets of my life. Expect some photos of my travel and food if I do!

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  1. Hi, bridget here. I came across this sometime last year. But it did not make much sense to me then. Until few weeks ago, i get to know about the theory of hope by Snyder. Hope theory consist of agency(willpower) and pathway(waypower) to achieve our life goals. What you have written relate so much with this willpower and waypower. Thanks for making me believe in my hopes and my goals


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